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"Kevin was great and honest.  Other plumbers quoted us $600 to figure out what was wrong.  Kevin is a plumber and general contractor.  He was able to look at the issue and tell us immediately what was wrong.  He suggested a way how we could fix it ourselves, and we have not had a problem since."

Heather S.
Homeowner, San Mateo

"I cannot say to many good things about Bennett Plumbing. Kevin Bennett states that when he performs a "job or Service" for you that you are a customer for life. I have heard this before (who has not) but Kevin means it. He installed a tankless water heater for us which has had some issues---and he actually was a bit put out because I did not call him straight away. This to me is remarkable. Lip service is often given to customer care but KEVIN MEANS IT. I could really go on and on with the raves about Mr. Bennett. Suffice it to say that he will be doing our bathroom re-do without question"

Ivan J.
Homeowner, Redwood City

"When hiring a plumber, I think of not only price but who will do a good job. Luckily this issue does not come up very often.  Early this year, this issue did come up and my first thoughts were…well never mind that first thoughts, my second thoughts were who and how much.  A friend of mine recommended Kevin Bennett.  He showed up on time, his pricing was terrific, the service was even better and expertise out surpassed my expectations.  I had so much confidence in Kevin that I passed his information on to other friends, family and colleagues.  Every single person has come back to me with “where did you find this guy? He is great”.  If the unfortunate event should arise were you need a plumber, call Kevin Bennett.  I guarantee you will be passing his name and number onto your friends and family."

Alan A. Canas
Sotheby's Realtor
Burlingame, CA

"I just want to thank you for the great job in installing the tank less water heater in my home. You where prompt and knowledgeable and I appreciate that.
The unit is working fine so far, though if I had a choice the unit will be installed outside of the home."

Jim de la Riva
San Mateo, CA

“Bennett constantly delivers results above and beyond our expectations with master craftsman work quality”

Marc Korody
Family Tree Apartments, Santa Clara

“Kevin Bennett has the tenacity and experience to solve quirky problem that others can’t”

Marc Korody
Grace Woods Properties

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